Hi and welcome to my little part of the internet. As I've only got a part-time job, I though I would use this time to learn the basic of HTML/CSS (and other coding languages I find out about).
the idea is to forcus on my intrested in animals, and ciphers to begain with. I've been intrested in animals since I was a kid, resultig in studying it at uni and spending around 10 years vounteering in zoos or animal rescue centres. As i have no vounteered over the last few years (due to the pandemic and starting a new job), I though I would use this to keep my knowledge up to date. ANd hopfully other people might find it interesting.

I'm new to this, so it might take some time to set up the basics of layout of the website and fill it with some information. So please give me time to lern html/and to get stuff sorted. Enjoy some pictures of animals I've taken over the years:-

cornsnake cornsnake

cornsnake cornsnakeskin

Wallby cappy